Planting and caring for your River Bush-willow

Thank you for taking me into your care! I am going to need your help while I’m small and fragile. But I promise to do the best I can to grow big and strong and tall.  I am an excellent tree for your garden. I grow very quickly and will be able to give you shade […]

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Have you seen “The Story of Stuff”?

One of our visions with the “Save our Planet – Plant a Tree” project is to continue the discussion around what we need to do as individuals, families, and communities in order to ensure that we protect the environment, the proverbial goose that laid the golden egg. On this site we will curate interesting information […]

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Fun Interesting Tree Facts

Original content from UNEP reposted: Deepest Roots: A Wild Fig tree at Echo Caves, near Ohrigstad, Mpumalanga, has roots reaching 123m into the ground making it the deepest a tree’s roots have penetrated. The Fastest Growing Tree: In 1974, it was discovered that an Albizzia falcata in Sabah, Malaysia had grown 58m and 7.62cm in […]

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Why we need to plant trees

Original content from UNEP reposted: Trees include the largest and longest living organisms on earth. Millions of hectares and billions of trees have to be planted to stabilize soil and water resources and to meet fuel wood needs. To make up for the loss of trees in the past decade, we would need to plant […]

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Save our Planet – Plant a Tree

It is an undeniable fact that we have reached a point where we need to urgently halt the unprecedented destruction of the earth’s finite resources in the name of advancement. It is our view that each of us must begin to make conscious decisions as to what we will do as individuals, as families, as […]

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