Curro Hazeldean received 1,234 Tree Gifts


Today The Success Academy and Willow Feather Farm teams spent a wonderful morning with the staff and pupils at the Curro Hazeldean Primary School.

This was our second visit to the school to donate trees as part of the “Save our Planet – Plant a Tree” project, the first time was  4 years ago in December, donating 1,234 trees this time round. The headmaster of the school thanked us and proudly showed us the trees they received during our first visit and where these were planted. Some of the older students was lucky enough to go through this wonderful experience for a second time!

We first visited the pre-primary school to give tree gifts to the little ones, who proudly chose their own trees and carried it to class, some of them barely able to carry their tree. We then moved to the primary school amid a buzz of excitement, where Theresa explained to the pupils how the project started, the importance of planting trees and what they can do to ensure a greener planet for their future. It was a great morning of excitement and gratitude!



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