About Us

Save Our Planet – Plant a Tree is a registered non-profit organisation with the sole objective of greening South Africa. Since establishment in 2012, we have made a significant impact on the environment by planting trees in rural areas. A primary focus of our organisation is to educate our youth on the importance of planting trees and looking after the environment.

With the assistance of our sponsors we give on average 1500 school children tree gifts on a monthly basis. By educating our youth and encouraging them to plant trees from a young age we hope to bring a change in mind-set for the future.

We also plant large sustainable trees with a height of 2 to 3 metres mostly in rural schools on behalf of sponsoring companies. By planting these larger indigenous trees it makes our project more sustainable as these trees have a higher survival rate in our harsh environment.

We provide a transparent greening platform to enable your Company to spend its funds with the peace of mind that your contribution will directly translate into the planting of indigenous trees where needed. Together with our implementation partners Willow Feather Farm and Sam Mnguni Environmental Services, we will ensure that you are able to leave your own living legacy.

We look forward to partnering with you to do our part in ensuring that our beautiful planet is cared for, for the sake of future generations!

Willow Feather FarmWillow Feather Farm

Willow Feather Farm has been growing trees since 2004 and is specifically growing the Combretum Erythrophyllum for the
Save Our Planet project. With over 500 000 trees propagated and grown on the outskirts of Centurion there is no shortage of trees available. Willow Feather Farm prides in supplying quality frost hard indigenous trees to all sectors of South Africa. Willow Feather Farm has also undertaken to donate 1 tree for every 10 trees that are sponsored through this program. www.WillowFeather.co.za

Sam MnguniSam Mnguni Environmental Services

We also support local Enterprise Development and have selected Sam Mnguni Environmental Services as our planting partner. Together this dynamic team of area specialists implement the Save Our Planet – Plant a Tree projects and ensure that hardy indigenous trees are planted where they are needed.

The Success AcademyThe Success Academy

The Success Academy, providers of prime office space, is Save our Planet – Plant a Tree’s founding and core sponsor. The Success Academy has pioneered this project and donated over 60 000 trees since 2012, with the ultimate goal of donating 150 000 trees to our schools and local communities. www.TheSuccessAcademy.co.za