Yes we can absolutely make a difference!


Sometimes when you see and hear about the wanton destruction of the earths precious resources it can be overwhelming and the challenges may seem so big that it can make an individual very despondent. Being overwhelmed or despondent however, often leads to inaction.

I know I have certainly felt that way! The year that’s passed was a time where we as family really started looking at what we as individuals can do to reverse a trend. So we decided in 2014 to pay particular attention to how we recycle and by extension what we buy. So this is what our bin area looks like this year.

 photo 1

The interesting thing is the process started with Mondi Paper bin on the left. When we saw how much paper we were able to recycle it didn’t take us long before we started asking “but what about the other items we can recycle” which is when we got the Open Sky bin on the right. Very soon we were able to recycle several of these bags every week!

photo 2

The interesting thing is this kind of behaviour is catchy especially when you start talking to friends and family about the topic and you see what your neighbours are doing! In our area it is really amazing to see how many families have adopted recycling as a way of life. On paper collection days there are lots of these bins lining the streets waiting for collection.

photo 3

Yes, we can absolutely make a difference by taking action today as families!


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